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A-side B-side

The fashion collection presents a juxtaposition between classic couture and 80s streetwear, encapsulated in the theme "A-side/B-side," drawing from the concept of gramophone records. This juxtaposition is explored through contrasting contexts and moods, inspired by films like "Do The Right Thing" and "Reservoir Dogs," as well as photography by Cindy Sherman and Alex Prager.


The collection aims to embody conflicting qualities within a personality. The showcase, set in the Hoxton Basement, features two films projected on walls, representing the rebellious A-side and mysterious B-side, with the model showcasing the same garments but with differing attitudes. Additionally, each garment is displayed against matching wallpaper backdrops, resembling collages, creating a dynamic 2.5-dimensional presentation. The showcase emphasizes the importance of context in fashion, enhancing the overall mood and concept of the collection for the audience.


Adrienne Lau and Yan Yu Chung

Make Up

Sophie Chung


Meghann Stevens


Elena Blanco and Adrienne Lau

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