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Adrienne Lau_Colindale Architect LR.jpg

Adrienne Lau, ARB

UK Qualified Architect

Each generation of architects are presented with certain opportunities by the industry. It is their own prerogative as to how to engage, assess and reframe the world around them. In Adrienne’s view, original answers lie in deep observation and understanding of an area. What is easier to observe and understand than an architect’s own neighbourhood? She believes that if every architect is also a resident architect in where they live, the world can transform for the better.

Adrienne was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has called London home since the start of her architecture education many years ago.

With over a decade of urban, architectural and interior design experience in world-renowned firms such as OMA, AHMM and Heatherwick Studio, Adrienne worked on multiple ambitious and landmark projects with high-profile clients like Google and Prada. During her 8+ years of Google projects experience, she honed her skills on design concepts, detailed development and project leading.


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