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Bunk N' Be
Entry for Antepavilion 2024 'Groundworks'

What are we leaving for future generations to discover in the earth? The physical, material and geological relics of our time are not the only things we leave beneath our feet. There is also an archaeological legacy in ideas. What kind of ideas will we fossilise now to evoke a story of life in the anthropocene?


Bunk N’ Be is a bunker and bunkhouse, sited in an edgeland of development in one of the world’s richest cities. The bunker is a parable of post-capitalist realism, where our entanglement with land and politics takes a utopian form, interrogating what could we build on and bury beneath its ruins.


Referencing a site of military defence being reimagined as an incubator for liberatory ideas and coded traces of today is the intended purpose of our Antepavilion intervention. Our bunker is deployed as a site of utopian dreaming and shelter. Through collective dreaming, we leave a legacy of ideas to be unearthed by future generations. 

See interior panorama

Residency Programme

It will be a comfortable, basic bunkhouse where groups can stay to discuss and share dreams and ideas for a future archaeology. Inspired by grassroots organising and bothy culture, we want to create a free space for dreaming together within a hyper-commercialised city. We will leave a time capsule as a legacy of the bunker to be buried under the cobbles for future generations to unearth in 100 years, developed through a programme of artist residencies curated by an art faciltator.

We will create an anti-map to guide participants to the bunker site. The anti-map may feature provocations, topographical interpretations and playful questions in order to seed dreaming inside the bunker.


Adrienne Lau and Rosie Strickland

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