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Dive In
2017 Fashion Scout Presentation Award

London based design duo Point Blank have turned their attention to that evocative 1967 masterpiece of David Hockney, The Bigger Splash.


Focusing on an intoxicating vision: the bold primary colours of retro poolside scenes where mid-summer heat meets cool rippling pools, bathers lounging by parasols while tropical plants cast long, monstrous shadows. As night falls, pin ups and promises of paradise in neon lights cut into the darkness..


With a wider variety of fabrics, colours, printing techniques and trimmings than ever before, the collection recreates a heady summer vibe: pools and neon motel signs feature in prints along with exotic palm and monstera leaves, streams of endless divers hit the water on a backdrop of thick bold stripes. The haiwaian shirt takes its rightful place alongside cut-out swimsuits and floaty dresses in this story of the eternal summer; a vest and pleated skirt ensemble in red, white and blue adds to the seductive glamour of Americana, and neon lace and glow in the dark fabrics hint at a seediness lurking behind the dream.


Inspired by the portrayal of objects and environments distorted by water in Hockney's many works, the designers continue to experiment with staging and have turned their runway into an underwater pool. By suspending reflective mylar above the heads of the models, the hypnotic effect of sunlight through water is recreated, further transporting us to this evocative, sun-drenched idyll.


Adrienne Lau and Yan Yu Chung

Show Production

Fashion Scout

Make Up

Lan Ngyuen-Grealis and team 


TONI & GUY Team led by Jon Wilsdon

Sound design

Thomas Grandjean


Jamie Walters, Jeff Spicer and Tiffany Lin

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