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Hi Vis Nature

As part of a joint community initiative, Green Our Neighbourhood, which strives to transform school streets into lush landscape and playscape with clean air, Hi Vis Nature comprises a set of planters installed and planted together with school pupils. Located in future greening locations, these planters represent the initial step in introducing the project idea to school staff, pupils, parents, and the wider local community. They also aim to engage gardening pupils and test public reception.

Alternate red and white conspicuity tape on the planters meets the council’s standard requirement for roadside visibility and safety. A graphical use of the tape has been adopted to give a unique identity to the planters. The basic horizontal pattern is distorted and transformed into optical art, with pixelated words and icons chosen in collaboration with the schools, thereby making a mundane requirement an eye-catching visual statement.

Community groups

Green Our Neighbourhood, Friends Of Childs Hill Park, Childs Hill Community Gardening, Our Yard At Clitterhouse Farm and Clean Air Barnet.


Adrienne Lau

Planting design and installation

Benny Hawksbee Gardening and Ed Allnutt


Adrienne Lau and Katy Watson Photography

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