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Redchurch Street

Independent fashion brand, Point Blank, launched its first pop-up store with the award-winning Hockney-inspired Dive In Collection.

The highly anticipated Point Blank Dive In Pop Up Store was launched at the crossroad of Redchurch Street and Brick Lane. The Point Blank takeover turned the space into a metaphorical swimming pool that offered a unique visual and auditory experience beyond fashion. 

A datum, symbolising the water level, was created in the space by covering everything below waist height in vivid blue, including cloth rails, furniture and radiators. The idea extends to the exterior shop front by applying yellow coverings against the existing purple paint.

Inspired by the David Hockney masterpiece, The Bigger Splash, Point Blank referenced the alluring vision of Californian poolside and the parallel suburban suspense in the latest collection. A bold mix of textures and colours in garments gave an energised sports-glam aesthetic with a subtle sex appeal.


Adrienne Lau, Yan Yu Chung, Thomas Grandjean and Paul Robinson. 


Raquel Diniz

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