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Space Invasion

The collection engages with and subverts notable graphic patterns such as tartan, hounds tooth, and pixels by overlaying them on each other and playing with unusual visual proportions. The resulting patterns are expressed through tactile materials and applications such as sequins, flocking, and distressed denim.

The scenography is inspired by old Hollywood analogue special effects techniques, creating compositions by overlaying miniature foregrounds and real-life subjects in the background. Surrealist and abstract collages were referenced for the blending of nonchalant idleness of the models and an overarching futuristic aesthetic. The foreground of the fashion showcase consists of a rotating miniature planetary landscape adorned with scaled toys and jewellery. In the background, models pace around in front of a backdrop of black starry outer space. Their casual interaction with the miniature landscape shifts the relative scales and brings to life a moving collage.


Adrienne Lau and Yan Yu Chung

Make Up

Sophie Chung



Sound design

Thomas Grandjean

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