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The Tramshed is a cultural platform that focuses on showcasing local creative talents, raising environmental awareness, promoting intergenerational and intersectional connections,
and bringing the community together through learning and art.

Exhibitions, making, performances, pop-ups events, screenings and digital content will be curated and produced together with the local community. Understanding the value of collaboration,
The Tramshed embraces the synergy between different cultures and art forms but also the powerful impact of connecting meaningfully with the community and the environment. It gives
space to nature-inspired art that communicates ecological messages, encourages curatorial residencies and temporary ‘take-over’ of the space, and will empower young people to provide youth-led projects.


All are anchored around the context of Montrose Playing Field, the local Barnet and Brent communities and the prominent natural asset of the Silk Stream.

Core Team

Adrienne Lau, Elika Ansari, Thoams Grandjean and Daniella Levene

Supporting Organisations

artsdepot, Barnet Community Harvesters, Colindale Community Garden, Friends Of Silk Stream, Keep Rolling Project, Middlesex University and New Citizens Gateway

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